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Fees Reduced for Filing Deeds in Philadelphia to Remove Deceased Spouse’s Name

Posted on Tue Jul 17, 2012, on Estate Planning

Good news for the surviving spouses who owned houses in Philadelphia with their now deceased spouses either Jointly with a Right of Survivorship or as Tenants in the Entireties (Tenancy by the Entirety). Until recently to file a quitclaim deed placing the house into the surviving spouse’s name it was necessary to pay a $230.00 filing fee to Philadelphia. Compared to other counties, such as Montgomery County or Bucks County, this fee was rather steep. Now Bill No. 110206 reduces that fee.

If a deed is being filed solely for the purpose of removing the name of a deceased spouse or life partner and placing the property into the name of the surviving spouse the fee is reduced to $26.00. In order to qualify for this reduced fee the Philadelphia surviving spouse must provide the Philadelphia Recorder of Deeds the following:

  1. An Affidavit of Surviving Spouse;
  2. A Certified Copy of Marriage License or Certified Letter from Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations in the case of a Life Partner; and
  3. A Certified Copy of Death Certificate.

In probating an estate there can be many fees that can add up to a expensive total, even if there is no Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax due because all assets pass to a surviving spouse. It is good to see Philadelphia County taking notice of these fees and reducing them when a deed is being filed simply to clarify that at Tenancy by the Entireties or Jointly held property is now the surviving spouse’s as a Sole Proprietor.


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