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Three Strength Training Exercises For Senior Fall Prevention

Posted on Fri Dec 9, 2022, on Uncategorized

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Whether you are a home health aide or a family caregiver, fall prevention is often at the forefront of caring for an elderly individual. According to the CDC, “three million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries” yearly. With such a high statistic, seniors must help bolster themselves and conduct preventive care against falls. 

One of the most effective preventative measures is regular strength training. According to a 2004 National Library of Medicine, study, strength training can reduce fall risk by 57%. 

These resistance training methods can be accomplished within the home and with the help of a caregiver or a home health aide. 

The Home Health Care professionals of Expicare Nursing have broken down three strength training exercises for senior fall prevention.

  1. Foot Extensions 

To do this exercise, seniors should begin standing up with good posture. For balance purposes, it is advisable to have a nearby countertop, bed, or chair back. Seniors can begin the foot extension by rising on their toes and lifting their heels in the air. Once raised, elderly individuals can lower their heels to the floor and slightly rock back on their heels. The goal is to lift the toes as much as possible. Once lifted, the patient can return to the starting position. Continue the exercise for a minimum of 5 repetitions.

  1. Side Twist

For this exercise, seniors should need two touch points about hip height. For example, two sturdy chairs would be preferable. Once those two similar objects are found, seniors should stand between the two points with their feet about shoulder length apart. From their core, elderly individuals should turn their torso to touch the object to their right. Return to the starting position and touch the thing to the left. The goal is to stay upright, practice dexterity, and strengthen core muscles.

  1. Chair Sit and Stand

This exercise is rather self evident: it’s merely sitting and standing. As expected, seniors will need a sturdy chair equipped with easy-to-grip armrests. They should begin the exercise seated in the chair, with their legs firmly planted on the ground and arms on the armrests. From the seated position, seniors should use the ground and the armrests to reach a standing position. After this, they can sit once more and repeat for a minimum of 10 sit/stands.

Three Strength Training Exercises For Senior Fall Prevention.

We hope you found helpful this short article about Three Strength Training Exercises For Senior Fall Prevention.  Feel free to review our website for more suggestions.

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