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Philadelphia Probate AttorneysSkilled Philadelphia probate attorneys are there for you when you need them the most. When you are ready to work on a plan that protects your assets and ensures your wishes are respected rely on a probate attorney to help you. Probate is the judicial process during which your will is approved and verified as a document of a deceased individual. It can be a long and complicated process, and it can result in contested wills and delays. To guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls that probate can introduce, talk to a skilled lawyer like one from Klenk Law today.  A Philadelphia PA Probate Attorney can save you money and make sure your wishes are respected.

Philadelphia Probate Attorneys

Klenk Law is a top law firm that has been serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Our commitment to our clients is unmatched, and we have successfully delivered excellent results for clients who need help creating wills, setting up trusts, or have general questions about making an effective estate plan to secure their cash and other assets. You can depend on us for all of your estate planning needs and we will be ready to offer you the legal guidance that you need and deserve. 

As an experienced legal team that specializes in estate planning, we know that the process can be quite overwhelming. It consists of many parts and it can be tough to understand the right decisions to make the right plan for you. However, you do not want to begin estate planning much later. Thinking about your plan early can save you the trouble and hassle in the long run. 

What to Expect From Probate 

Probate is the court-supervised process that approves your will, appoints your executor, and guides the transfer of your cash, property, and other assets. For individuals who do not have a will or estate plan set up, the probate process is usually necessary. 

Reasons to Avoid Probate 

There are several reasons for avoiding probate. Many people want to avoid it as much as they can because of the inconveniences it can bring. It can take a long time to complete and it can be quite expensive.  A bad plan can delay asset distribution.  Delay can frustrate your heirs and increase costs. The probate proceedings are also public, which is another hassle for those who want to keep their estate matters private. If you want to learn about ways to avoid going through probate altogether, reach out to top Philadelphia probate attorneys who can assist you. 

Contact a Qualified Philadelphia PA Probate Attorney

When it is time to go through the estate planning process, probate is one area that you want to address. Don’t delay starting your estate planning. A skilled Philadelphia PA probate attorney can offer you the legal assistance you need now.

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Tom Mettinger Sr.

Integrity, exceeding the client's expectations. In-depth knowledge of the law

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Mr. Klenk has been easy to work with. I am confident he has given me good advice whenever I have called upon him. He has shown good work ethic and depth of knowledge in preparation of estate, wills, and trusts that I have worked with him on.

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Peter and his associates made things easy for us.

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I met Peter soon after he started his practice in Philadelphia, PA. He and his team have always been there for me and my various inquiries throughout my life-changing events, corporate relocations. I have lived in various cities throughout the nation, I have never had a problem in contacting Peter or a member of his team. He and his office responds quickly and returns calls to me to fulfill my requests for information or to revise my estate needs while posing relevant thought-provoking questions that I need to consider to secure my future. One of Peter's best qualities is his ability to answer clients complicated questions in a simple way to ensure comprehension.

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Christopher F.

Peter explained things in a way that was easy to understand. Everything was done in the time frame he said it. Could not have been better!

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