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Bucks County Will Contests

Posted on Sat Apr 14, 2018, on Will Contests and Will Challenges

Bucks County Will Contests have taken place since the first wills were filed and they will be with us as long as there are families that don’t get along.  You can’t stop someone from challenging a will, but with the help of an experienced Will Contest Attorney, you can help make sure a challenge to your will is unsuccessful.  

Bucks County Will Contests a Primer.

Even the most perfectly drafted Will can be challenged by an interested party who feels wronged.  The judge will hear the case, as until the evidence is listened to, the judge doesn’t know if the Will is valid or not. Family rivalries, long-simmering sibling disputes, a desire for more money or even the chance to merely irritate a brother or sister are sometimes motivation to file a challenge. 

When there is even the chance of a Will Challenge taking place, use our attorney’s over 25 years of experience to help avoid or limit the contest. Using an experienced Will Challenge Attorney will bring the matter to a close faster and help reduce the costs.

While this Blog provides you with some information, to learn more see my article Will Contests Explained for the Non-Lawyer.

Will Contest Issues.

Each Will Contest is unique, and Will Contests can result from a variety of reasons. Our Will Challenge Lawyers address a range of Will Challenge issues such as:

  • Missing Wills. Aggrieved Beneficiaries sometimes destroy a Will before it can be filed. Given the right circumstances, the Will still might be respected.
  • Photo Copies of Wills. It is difficult but possible to file a photocopy of a Will when the original cannot be found.
  • Forgery of the Deceased’s Signature. Some Bucks County Will Contests are based on the theory that the Will was signed by someone other than the deceased.
  • Undue Influence. Likely the most common Bucks County Will Contest theory is that the Will was signed by the deceased, but that signature resulted from undue influence.  Some person who benefited from the change pressured the deceased. Without this pressure, the deceased would not have signed the challenged Will.
  • Incapacity.  Often Bucks County Will Contests focus on the deceased being without the capacity to sign the Will. Medical conditions, Alzheimer’s or Dementia or chemical or alcohol addiction can all cause a person to reach a time when he is unable to understand enough to sign a valid Will.
  • Disputes over Will Langauge.  Sometimes, primarily when someone writes their own Will, the language is confused or vague. This can cause family disputes over what the deceased meant.  Our Bucks County Will Contest Lawyers have helped represent beneficiaries to champion their interpretation to the judge.

What Happens After a Bucks County Will Contest.

Once the judge makes a decision, there is a time when the parties can appeal.  Our Bucks County Will Contest Lawyers have experience with appeals.  Your time is limited, so act quickly.

The judge might award attorney’s fees and expenses, but this is up to the judge. Bucks County judges are not likely to award fees and costs, so you should not count on being reimbursed.

Bucks County Will Contest, Conclusion.

In conclusion, this post is a short introduction to a critical and complex issue.  See my other Articles for more information about Bucks County Will Contests. Feel free to contact an experienced Will Contest Lawyer at our firm for more information.

Furthermore, I would be happy to answer your questions.  If you have any other matters for a Bucks County Estate Planning Lawyer, feel free to contact our office for a free consultation. We try to make the process as painless as possible!

Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Estate Litigation, It’s All We Do!

Author Bucks Country Will Contest Attorney Peter Klenk, Esq., Licensed in PA, NJ, MN, FL, and NY.

Bucks County Will Challenge

Bucks County Will Contest Attorney, Glen Ridenour.


Throughout our website,, you may find more information about Estate Planning matters including Will Contests.  Also, our firm focuses exclusively in the area of estate planning, probate, and the litigation surrounding estate planning and probate.  This includes Will Contests and Will Challenges. Therefore, if you need assistance with any estate related matter call one of our Experienced Will Contest Lawyers for a free consultation




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