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Contesting a Will Philadelphia PA Contesting a Will Philadelphia PA

What are my options if I a Will unfairly excludes me?
If you believe you were unfairly left out of a will, our estate planning lawyer may be able to help you get justice and assist in contesting a will in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Klenk Law handles all aspects of estate planning and estate litigation. Estate litigation includes Will Contests in Philadelphia, PA when a client feels cheated in some way. The process of fighting the outcome of a will can be complicated and frustrating. It requires a skilled estate planning lawyer who has experience handling cases like these. Call Klenk Law today to find out how we may be able to get you the justice you deserve.  We can help explain the options when you ask, “what if I was unfairly left out of a will?”

Can any excluded person contest a will?
Ostensibly, no. With the help of an estate planning lawyer from Klenk Law, you can determine if you are eligible to contest the will. Determining if you have standing can save you substantial time and money. Because you will have a limited amount of time to contest it, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible. Here are some examples of people who may have the standing to challenge a Will:

  1.       Husband or wife or former husband or wife. For instance, if the married couple split up and the person who is now deceased changed their will during the time of separation, but later the couple reconciled.  In this case, the surviving spouse may have grounds to contest a will Philadelphia, PA.  Further, a will drafted before the marriage might exclude the spouse. Or, eliminated by a will prepared by a step-child using undue influence.
  2.       The unmarried life partner. Was the partner a common law spouse? If the state that does not recognize common law marriages, did some contract exist allowing the will contest?
  3.       The child, including a legally adopted child. An estate planning lawyer can judge whether or not a child is eligible. This may be based on some unique factors. For instance, is there sound proof that the child was indeed the deceased’s child? Was there an explanation in the will for why the deceased excluded the child?
  4.       A partly or wholly financially dependent person of the deceased. Very often, this is the deceased’s, minor child.  But occasionally it is also a child who is mentally or physically disabled.  Perhaps a child who was dependent on the deceased’s income.
  5.       Someone who had a very close personal relationship. This may be the deceased’s longtime caregiver.  Or it may be a close friend or a life partner who did not live with them.

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Do you believe you were excluded wrongly from someone’s will?  Let’s determine if you have grounds to contest a will Philadelphia, PA. Pennsylvania.  The laws can be confusing in this regard and require the insight of a seasoned legal professional. We invite you to contact us at Klenk Law to learn how our estate planning lawyer may be able to help you get justice and work with you in the process of contesting a will Philadelphia, PA. We can help with options, when your question is, “If I was unfairly left out of a will, can I challenge?”

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