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Choosing To Establish A Living Trust

Dealing with estate planning matters is something no one should do on their own.  As a PA living trust lawyer will recommend, we can help. For clients who have an urgent issue that they need to resolve, it can be overwhelming to find a lawyer with the skill set and knowledge to review their complex situation.  We can provide helpful legal admission. For anyone who is considering setting up a living trust, it is beneficial to turn to a lawyer for detailed information. If you must act fast, you may have time to speak to a lawyer to review your legal options. No matter your case’s complexity, you can count on a skilled lawyer to explain your legal rights and understand your complete legal options. 

Outstanding Legal Assistance 

The team at Klenk Law has been helping clients deal with estate planning issues for over 25 years. Estate planning covers many topics, from asset protection to last wills and everything in between. When clients are setting up their estate plan or wish to make changes, it is helpful to consider accepting the guidance of a lawyer. Mistakes can be costly and can result in serious delays. If you have any questions regarding estate planning matters, do not wait to call our firm.  We can connect you with an experienced lawyer immediately. 

Things To Consider  About Living Trusts 

Many people who create an estate plan decide to include a living trust. They offer a range of benefits, such as asset management, minimizing estate taxes, and bypassing the probate process. It allows beneficiaries to access assets that are handed down to them. However, it also comes with several disadvantages that should be considered as well. For instance, certain assets should not be placed in a living trust. To know whether living trusts are suitable for you, you can turn to an experienced living trust lawyer for more information.

Having a lawyer assist you through the process offers several advantages, which include It is also essential to understand basic information about the legal system and the court process. Be familiar with the expectations regarding your case, such as documents to submit and deadlines to know. Having a lawyer at your side can help you stay on track of your tasks so that your trust can be set up properly. 

Receive Legal Counsel Now 

Make consulting with a seasoned lawyer a priority.  Have your questions about living trusts answered.  We can explain and how to set one up. When it comes to estate planning concerns, it is strongly recommended that you meet with a lawyer to get a full and complete sense of what your situation entails. Making an estate plan can be a confusing and challenging process.  Having a lawyer assist you can make the experience go much more smoothly. Contact us for more information regarding legal assistance. Do not wait to contact a living trust lawyer from Klenk Law near you immediately. 

What Our clients are saying

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Kevin K.

I was referred to Peter after my divorce to put documents together to protect my assets. He suggested a number of documents that would help protect my children and their future. Also, he put together wills, power of attorney and living wills. I initially spoke with him on the phone, he took 30-40 minutes to understand my situation and explain the benefits of having such documents. After a week or two, I met with him in his office and signed the documents. Everything else was remote phone calls and emails. He re-explained these documents and what whom to share. I am in good hands.

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Andrea Wilson

Peter is excellent. I had a very complicated situation with my parents' estate planning and potential Medicaid needs. Peter was very knowledgeable in estate planning matters, able to define the best solution for the situation. Additionally, he was congenial and able to communicate effectively to my senior citizen parents the benefits of estate planning. He earned my trust, and more importantly, my parents' trust in a 45 mins consultation period. Highly recommend Peter. He is very easy to work with.

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Chris B.

AWESOME LAWYER! Peter Klenk is an exceptional attorney and a very nice person! Today I spoke with Peter about estate planning and was impressed with by his professionalism, cordiality, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Klenk Law for probates, wills, trusts, and other issues germane to estate planning!

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Michael Patete

Surprisingly easy

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Alan Kaplan

Peter has done our family's trust and estate work since our children were born. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and honest, but makes sure that our arrangements remain current with the changing legal landscape. I would give him my highest recommendation as a professional in his field.

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