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A living will lawyer Philadelphia PA families trust understands that most people are uncomfortable making plans that address end-of-life issues. None of us wants to consider a time when we will no longer be there for our loved ones, but the truth is that time comes for all of us. And while many people understand that they should have an estate plan in place that addresses what should happen with their assets and property when they die, what is often missing in these plans is what an individual’s wishes are for their medical treatment decisions when that time comes.
To address those issues, many people are including living wills in their estate planning documents. Each  Philadelphia living will lawyer from Klenk Law have been assisting clients with estate planning for more 25 years and can explain in detail what types of legalities can be addressed in a living will during a free consultation with one of our living will attorneys. In the meantime, here is a general overview.
How a Living Will Works
A living will is a legal written statement which provides in detail what type of medical treatment you consent to should you become incapacitated and unable to communicate that consent. You can specify what extraordinary measures you will or will not accept if it is determined that there is no chance of recovery.
A living will lawyer Philadelphia PA clients recommend will likely advise you to include a durable power of attorney for health care with your living will. This document appoints a person you decide as your health care proxy, (also referred to as health care agent), to make medical treatment decisions if you are unable to make those decisions. It is also the health care proxy’s duty to ensure that your physician knows the type of medical treatment to which you would consent.
Your living will go into effect when it is determined that you are no longer able to communicate with your doctor about your condition and treatment. In situations where that ability or capacity is in question, there are legal protocols in place that physicians are required to follow to make that determination.
An individual has the right to revoke or change a living will at any time. There are a few other scenarios where your living will be revoked or need changes.
For example, if you named your spouse as your health care proxy and then get divorced, the divorce automatically revokes that proxy. The divorce does not revoke what your wishes are, just who your agent is ensuring your wishes are carried out. You should speak with your living will lawyer Philadelphia PA residents depend on about drafting a new document with a new health care proxy.
There are instances where a court may intervene, either because there is a question of the validity of documents or because there are questions of whether your health care proxy is honoring your wishes.
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In order to avoid these types of issues, you should have a qualified living will lawyer in Philadelphia PA draft and execute these documents instead of attempting to put them together on your own. Call a living will lawyer Philadelphia PA provides from Klenk Law today at 215-790-1095 for a free consultation.

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