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 Will Executor Lawyer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Will Executor Lawyer in Philadelphia, PAA Will Executor Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from Klenk Law knows that preparing for the future when you are no longer here with loved ones is not an easy feat. In fact, many people put off the task of creating an estate plan until too much time has passed. Or, some people pass away without having ever gotten to leave behind wishes or pass on their legacy. 

Of all the estate planning-related tasks, one of the hardest can be choosing your will executor. This person has an essential job in handling your personal affairs after your death. Here are traits to look out for when selecting the right executor for you:

Choose a responsible person. 

The primary quality your executor should have is responsible. This person doesn’t need extensive knowledge in law or finance to make a great will executor. However, pick someone you trust to handle serious decisions to increase the chances your wishes are respected.  Your executor must communicate effectively with beneficiaries. 

Make sure they are willing to fulfill their duties.

Talking to loved ones about your death is uncomfortable, but you will have to confirm that the person you want to be the executor can and is willing to hold this role. If you don’t ask beforehand, you risk them not being ready for the job or struggling to accomplish necessary tasks amid their grief.  

Appoint a second executor as a backup.

As your Will Executor Lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, may tell you, It isn’t uncommon to appoint two executors.  The successor steps in if the first won’t or cannot fulfill this duty. You’re going to get older as the years go by, so consider choosing a second executor who is younger, healthy, and likely to outlive you — just in case the first choice of executor passes away or refuses to serve. 

Upon your passing, your will executor will essentially step into your shoes and perform all the legal tasks related to your estate. Responsibilities an executor often deals with include selling property, bringing forward lawsuits, paying creditors, distributing assets, reviewing medical records, sharing account details with beneficiaries, and more. So, who will you choose as your will executor, the person who will handle your final, personal effects? 

Select someone who is a good communicator.

Your will executor should be someone who can communicate clearly and concisely. There will be many moments where the executor will have to speak with certain parties about your estate. A person comfortable with talking to various people will impact how smoothly an estate is handled and distributed. Think about those in your life who have shown not to shy away from serious conversations and can effectively provide or exchange information with others.

Appoint an unbiased executor.

A neutral executor can prevent your estate from being tarnished out of selfish motivations. Some people may take advantage of their role as an executor and not abide by the testator’s wishes. Incidents of stealing and falsifying estate records by appointed executors have happened. These detours from your wishes can cause immense frustration and pain for grieving family members to see their loved one’s estate get handled without care. Signs that someone may be a biased or untrustworthy executor include:

  • They have a history of lying or dishonesty
  • He or she doesn’t handle long term projects well
  • They disagree with your estate plan wishes
  • Your family members and other beneficiaries don’t like them
  • They don’t seem to want to discuss estate topics with you

Someone who asks for help. 

Your chosen will executor doesn’t have to be legally minded. They don’t have to be someone who’s attended years of law school. However, what can make the difference is someone who asks for help when they need it and those who don’t. Upon handling your estate, there will come a time when there is confusion or problem, and you’ll want someone who can find the resources they need to resolve an issue or make an important decision.

Choose a person who has your best interests in mind.

Don’t pick someone out of obligation; choose someone kind-hearted and invested in you and your wellbeing. An executor can be a person you know and trust personally or a reputable professional who is akin to dealing with estate matters, such as a lawyer, advisor, or accountant. Before making your final choice, consider how this person would make decisions regarding your legacy or care. Could they become motivated by personal gain? Or will they always consider your wishes are what your wishes would have been?

For support as you draft or edit your estate plan, consider reaching out to a Will Executor Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, from Klenk Law for a consultation.

What is a Will Executor Lawyer?

A Will Executor Lawyer Philadelphia, PA, from Klenk Law, can help you with every aspect of your will. Your lawyer can advise you on how to create an estate plan and then draft your will. The executor will be responsible for carrying out your wishes, so you must make sure that there is a person or entity who will carry out your wishes in your absence.

What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that documents how you want your assets handled after you die. Because your will is a binding document, it must meet specific requirements or may not be valid. Therefore, to protect yourself and your family, have your will prepared by a will executor lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, from Klenk Law.

Having a will executor lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, prepare your will guarantees that it meets your state’s legal requirements. It also ensures that the document reflects your true intentions regarding how you want assets distributed after you die. Without this level of protection, there’s no telling what could happen to the money and property you worked so hard to acquire during your lifetime.

Your Will Executor Lawyer Can Address Legal Issues

Many people have wills drafted without the help of an attorney because they don’t want to spend the money for this service or because they think their wishes are simple enough that they can put them down on paper themselves. However, these documents often fail to reflect an individual’s true wishes because of wording issues. Still, they can sometimes create conflict among family members or friends who believe they deserve more than the will gives.

It’s possible to write a will without a will executor lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, from Klenk Law. But, a valid will has legal requirements. Miss one, and the will may be invalid. A mistake could render your will invalid and leave your loved ones with no guidance about what you would have wanted. This ambiguity can lead to conflict and litigation, which you likely want to avoid for your family after you pass away.

Hiring Klenk Law to appoint an executor is integral to creating a will. The executor is legally responsible for managing the distribution of your property, paying off any debts and taxes, and closing the estate after distributing all property.

Contact Klenk Law Now For Help

Those who need assistance regarding an estate-related issue or concern can get the information they need at our law firm. We are a team of dedicated professionals.  The fact that our extensive knowledge and experience make a difference for clients humbles us. We suggest contacting a Philadelphia, PA Will Executor Lawyer from Klenk Law today for a consultation. 


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