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Estate Planning Lawyer Montgomery County, PA

Estate Planning Lawyer Montgomery County, PA

If you contact an estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, you’re making a smart move by planning ahead and being prepared. Planning your estate is an important process, wherever you are in life. It’s important to be prepared for any eventuality, and having the proper paperwork in order in case of an extreme emergency can spare your loved ones undue stress, confusion, and anger in a time that’s already difficult for them.

Many of us prefer not to think about why we need wills, but the reality is, planning an estate properly isn’t something we do for ourselves – it’s something we do for our loved ones. Without a proper will in place, you’re setting your loved ones up for a complicated and difficult ordeal after passing, an ordeal that just makes grief worse and can strain relationships between family, friends, and other beneficiaries.

Negotiating an Inheritance: The Right Way and The Wrong Way

Contacting an estate planning lawyer to draft a will means sparing your family and friends an entire ordeal upon your passing. Without a will, procedures for establishing durable power of attorney, and without designated beneficiaries for an inheritance, everything you have worked so hard to build during your lifetime is now in the hands of the state, which will designate a representative to distribute your assets. Ordinarily, this representative might be your spouse, but if you have ex-spouses, other family members, or children, this representative can become difficult to designate.

If you die without a will, you’re risking a legal battle for your inheritance. The representative that the state designates might not be operating in your family’s best interest, and some assets might end up where they shouldn’t. You want your family to deal with a painless process when it comes to dividing your assets among your beneficiaries, so you should always contact an estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, PA.

What Can an Estate Planning Lawyer do for You?

An estate planning lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to distributing your assets after you die. They can help you write up a comprehensive will, and can go to great lengths to prevent any difficulties or complications that might surface when the state designates a representative. Instead, your will will be handled by someone you trust, and someone you have chosen.

Additionally, an estate planning lawyer can find ways to help you (or your beneficiaries) pay estate tax, which would ordinarily take a large amount from inheritance. Estate planning lawyers can help you plan out what happens next should you become medically incapacitated, and by working closely with you to develop a will, they can also help you decide what beneficiaries should be included.

Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer You Can Trust

Plan ahead, and contact a qualified estate planning lawyer. While you might not always be thinking about what will happen to your assets after you die, it’s important to look after your family and friends and ensure your will is as comprehensive as possible. If you’re looking for an estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, reach out to Klenk Law and get started today.

While the importance of proper estate planning is well-known, some young people still don’t believe having a will is necessary. They might think that they don’t have enough assets yet or a big enough family to necessitate an estate plan. However, having a solid estate plan is crucial for people of all ages. Even if you aren’t fully established yet, you should still consider speaking to an estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, about drafting a will.

Why Young People Need Estate Plans

  • You Received an Inheritance: If you recently received an inheritance from a family member, you might not consider it an asset. However, it’s actually in your best interest to put it in your estate plan. Otherwise, should you die suddenly, it will be much more difficult for your surviving family members to obtain it.

  • You Have a Pet: If you have a dog or cat, you likely consider it a member of your family. You want your pet to have a good life, even if it outlives you. That’s why an estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, would advise you to create a will. In this legal document, you can appoint a person you trust to take care of your pet and set aside money for its care.

  • You Want to Give Assets to Friends: If you die without a will your wishes no longer matter. The Intestacy Rules determine who gets your assets. Most likely, immediate family members, like your spouse, parents, or siblings, will receive your assets. Therefore, if you want to leave some of your possessions to friends, it’s critical for you to establish a will.  Because these are not your family members, make sure your will is properly drafted. Otherwise, an expensive will challenge could result. Get the help of an estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, PA.

  • You Want Your Family to Avoid Probate: Without a will, your family will have to take your assets through probate, which can be a very long process. The state where you live and your particular assets will determine if probate is advisable. By establishing a proper estate plan, your beneficiaries could receive your assets much faster.

  • You Might Become Physically Incapacitated: Even if you’re perfectly healthy right now, you never know what the future holds. If an illness or injury renders you physically incapacitated, you need a trustworthy person to make medical decisions on your behalf. Typically, part of drafting an estate plan includes preparing a health care directive.  The health care directive, or Living Will and also known as a Medical Power of Attorney, names your Surrogate. The Surrogate has the power to make medical decisions when you cannot.

Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

Establishing an estate plan can be very complex, and you don’t want to do it alone. Although there is DIY software out there, it’s easy to make errors if you don’t know estate law. It’s in your best interest to consult an experienced estate planning lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you establish a proper estate plan in a timely fashion. Call the Klenk Law firm today.

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