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Could my friend have prevented his website from being shut down after death?

Posted on Thu Nov 19, 2015, on Estate Planning

From our “Ask a Question” mailbag: My friend died and his executor is allowing his hosting account to lapse. Could he have set aside funds to maintain his website?

It is possible to set up a trust to maintain the cost of a website. This needs to be carefully done to provide checks and balances to make sure the trustee carries out your intent. I find a trusted Protector an excellent and inexpensive tool. If a person has a website that he wishes to continue after death, it is important to make sure access data is easily available to the executor. Providing a contact and passwords are invaluable, as it could be prohibitively expensive for an executor to fight with a host who refuses to release this information.

To help with this, my firm sends to clients a Summary of all documents and a list of where assets are located and important contact information three times a year. Clients then keep this information updated by sending us any changes. This service is provided free of charge to current clients. This way, if the client dies, the executor has immediate access to information so assets can be secured and maintained.

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