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Estate Litigation Appeals Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Estate Litigation Appeals Lawyer Philadelphia, PADid the judge rule against you? Do you believe the court should reconsider the findings? If so, call an estate litigation appeals lawyer Philadelphia, PA knows and trusts. Call Klenk Law. 

After a person’s death, there are many points where conflicts can arise. These conflicts can end up in court, and sometimes the court makes the wrong decision. If this has happened to you, we can help.  Our attorneys have decades of appeal experience. 

Stages of The Estate Litigation Process

If a dispute has arisen, and you believe it is heading towards litigation, you can expect the following to occur. In the event, litigation has already ensued, and you would like to appeal the outcome, you can call an estate litigation appeals lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. 

Investigating the Matter

During the first part of estate litigation, your lawyer will review and investigate the facts of the case. Research on applicable laws will also be carried out. You will likely be involved in this part of the process. 


At this stage, all parties will come forward to present their claim and defense. The lawsuit will commence as soon as the petitioner or plaintiff files the case, and states their claim. Every claim is considered to be a separate cause of action, such as fraud, forgery, coercion, and more. 

Discovery Process

This involves all party’s or their estate litigation appeals lawyer in Philadelphia, PA to disclose any evidence. At this point, you will get a better understanding of what your chances of winning might be. This is because discovery shows all parties their strengths and weaknesses of the case. 


This is important as it attempts to resolve the dispute prior to going to trial. It is often very effective, and when successful, can save time and money. 

Expert Witness Depositions

It is quite possible that your Philadelphia, PA estate litigation appeals lawyer will call upon expert witnesses. This is to obtain supporting testimony based on an opinion that relates to a subject matter particular to your case. Expert witnesses can provide information that an average person cannot, and that can be useful to a jury. 

Preparing for Trial

If mediation is not successful, the next step will be to organize all evidence and information so that it is ready for trial. Your lawyer will need to ensure the information presented is compelling enough to convince a jury or judge that you deserve to “win”. The preparation process is time-consuming and very costly. A lawyer might only recommend it with large estates. 

Trial –

Any claim that cannot be settled will go to trial. This can take days, weeks, or months. Once each side has presented its case, the judge will have approximately 90 days to issue a decision. 

Appealing the Outcome –

If you lost, you have the right to appeal. In Pennsylvania, there are specific laws that outline the situations in which a decision can be appealed. There are strict limitations and deadlines, so it is important to talk with an estate litigation appeals lawyer in Philadelphia, PA as soon as possible. Call Klenk Law for a consultation now. 

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