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Why Do People Avoid Creating a Will?Just the thought of creating a will can cause people to have anxiety. The reality is, creating a will doesn’t have to be such a painful process. The estate planning lawyer King of Prussia, PA trusts, Klenk Law, can help make sure that you have a clearly outlined will so that your loved ones aren’t guessing in the event you pass away. Meet with a PA estate planning lawyer so that you can stop worrying about the fact that you don’t have a will. Although it can be easy to put off, it’s likely to loom overhead continually. Despite this, there are some reasons people put off writing their wills:

They Don’t Want to Think about Mortality

Some people don’t want to think about their death. It can be sad to consider your demise. What may be even more challenging is putting together a plan for your children if they are minors. Although thinking about death and the details surrounding it can be challenging and downright depressing, it can save your family serious problems later on.

Putting a Will Together can be Costly

For most people, paying an attorney to put together a will can cost a few thousand dollars. It’s important to note that depending on the size of your estate this can vary. Although it may cost money, there are some benefits. A trustworthy estate planning lawyer in King of Prussia can advise you on how to manage your assets in a way that may save you money in the long run. Failing to create a will due to the expense, takes much of the control out of your hands. You will not have the ability to make decisions surrounding how you would like your assets divided and even the details of your funeral.  

They Believe it is Time Consuming

When working with a PA estate planning lawyer, the process can be relatively quick and painless. They will be able to tell you exactly what they need from you to be able to guide you in making decisions and ultimately creating a will.   

They Don’t Realize the Impact

Here’s the thing, although you may not be that worried about writing a will, you should be. You likely have far more assets than you realize. Writing a will isn’t just something reserved for the uber rich. Almost everyone has things they need to be making decisions around in the event they pass away. The impact your lack of planning can have on those around you can be significant. It’s unfair to leave loved ones guessing on what you may have wanted. You put nearly everything in the hands of someone else. If you have children, you will not have a voice in who will take care of them. All of this and more can leave your family and loved ones fighting over what you may have wanted all while managing their grief.

Contact an estate planning lawyer King of Prussia; PA recommends to help make this process of will creation a less daunting process. Failing to have a will in place, can have a severe impact on your loved ones if you pass away. Not only do you risk putting your family in a situation to make decisions for you. As a result, you lose your voice and ability to make decisions for yourself in the process. Contact Klenk Law today to schedule a consultation to plan for not only yours but your family’s, future.


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