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If a loved one passed away and left a will, but someone is putting your inheritance at risk by contesting it, you may benefit from calling us at Klenk Law. We are a will challenges firm in Philadelphia, PA and as such is very familiar with the laws surrounding wills, probate, and related legal issues. Call us today to request a free consultation with a Philadelphia will lawyer from our firm. This is a no-obligation opportunity to find out how we can help you.


Who can contest a will?

Anyone who has the potential to benefit, receive, or inherit the assets or possessions of a deceased person can contest the will. That person does not have to be named in the currently recognized will. These are general guidelines, and there are gray areas which can be clarified by a will challenge lawyer from Klenk Law after they review the unique circumstances of your situation.

Here are basic examples of who can legally recognize a will:

  •         Someone named in a will desires to contest it because they did not inherit what they believe they are entitled to inherit.  The challenge will then result in them receiving that asset.
  •         Someone not named in a will but if that will is found invalid, they will inherit, based on one of the specific grounds that exist for will contests.

Here is an example of a person who cannot legally challenge a will:

  •         Someone not named in a will and, even they successfully challenged the will; they would not inherit.  For example, if there are three wills.  The first gives you an inheritance.  But, the second and third will exclude you.  You believe the third will is the result of undue influence.  Even if you successfully challenge the third will, the second will takes effect.  You are not in the second will.  Because you do not stand to gain, you have no standing to challenge the third will.

The Reasons for Why a Will Is Often Contested

Anyone can file a will contest.  But, if the court finds that there is no basis for their legal argument, their contest will be thrown out of court. However, there are several reasons for contesting a will that may be accepted by a court, depending on the circumstances. Your will challenge lawyer in Philadelphia can offer their opinion as to whether or not the person contesting the will has a case. The person’s reason might be one or more of the following arguments:

  •         When the deceased wrote their will, they were not of sound mind and body.
  •         The will is fake.
  •         There is another will that is newer, and it differs substantially from the will that is currently recognized.
  •         The deceased was pressured or forced to write their will and that influence negatively impacted the person contesting the will.

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