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When a loved one passes away, the grief can be overwhelming. Then, when it comes time to read the deceased’s will and distribute their assets, someone may decide to contest that will. They may feel that they deserve to inherit more, or may have been left out of the will altogether. If a judge decides they may have a valid argument, the legal dispute can become emotional, costly, and stressful. In turn, this process can heighten the grieving process.


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At Klenk Law, we have seen many variations of this scenario. As a will contest law firm Cherry Hill, NJ families turn to in this situation; we understand the importance of resolving this type of dispute to provide healing and closure for the decedent’s loved ones. Call us and request to speak with a will contest lawyer from our firm. We offer a free consultation to those dealing with the contest of a will. After a review of your circumstances, our legal team will have a clearer understanding of how we may be able to help you.


Why Does Someone Contest a Will?

There is any number of reasons why someone might contest a will. In the most extreme cases, an example would be that a wealthy person dies and a caregiver contests the will with the hope of receiving money. However, without proof that the challenger will gain if the challenge is successful, a judge is likely to dismiss that case. A will contest law firm Cherry Hill, NJ residents hire such as ours can review the circumstances to determine if the person’s argument will likely hold up in court.

Here are some of the most common (and valid) arguments used when a person contests a will:

  •          The deceased excluded somebody, but they claim the deceased promised to bequeath them something at death. The claim is that the promise was a binding contract.  The person is a relative, long-term friend, employee or coworker, etc.
  •          The will includes someone, but they claim the deceased promised to bequeath to them more of what they inherited. Typical examples include money or possessions. Again, the challenger believes this promise took the form of a contract.
  •         They claim that the will was forged, or is not the last will and testament.  Instead, they believe a different will or a missing will is the most current will.  The challenger hopes to have their will followed instead of the will that the estate executor is using.
  •         The challenger believes someone forced or unduly influenced the deceased to write their will the way they wrote it. Further, if that hadn’t happened, they would have written it very differently and to the benefit of the person contesting the will.
  •         The deceased was not in their right mind due to illness, dementia, depression, or another reason. Therefore the deceased did not understand the consequences of how they wrote their will.

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When someone contests a will, it can significantly impact the deceased’s loved ones. If this describes what you’re facing, consider enlisting the help of an established will contest law firm such as Klenk Law. A knowledgeable lawyer from our team can help to protect your rights and the legacy of your loved one. Call us now to schedule a free consultation.

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