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When You Need a Will Contest Law Firm Philadelphia, PA Trusts

Will Contest Law Firm Philadelphia, PAIf a person needs to contest a will or protect their legal rights from someone else who is contesting a will, they may need a will contest lawyer. Unfortunately, it’s prevalent for severe disagreements to develop after someone’s death in anticipation of distributing the deceased’s assets. This is especially the case when the assets are considered by more than one person to be of particular value.  The value can be either financial or sentimental.


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At Klenk Law, our Philadelphia, PA lawyers have seen every variation of this scenario. We have also helped many of our clients find the peace of mind they sought at the beginning of the conflict. If you would like to know more about how a will contest lawyer from our firm may be of assistance to you, call us and request a free consultation.

When a Family Member Contests a Will

All too often, when someone passes away, they leave behind grieving family members. Grief can quickly turn to anger when one or more of the loved ones discover that they will not inherit what they believe they are entitled to inherit. Or they may disagree with the instructions in the will for the deceased’s final wishes such as last resting place. Though the circumstances of the family disagreement can vary widely, the commonality is that one or more family members wish to contest the will.

Family Disputes Can Cause Will Contests

Disputes among family members can be particularly emotional and fraught with anger. A lawyer from a Philadelphia, PA will contest law firm can help defuse this situation by providing objective, legal advice for their client. If you are the one who wishes to hire a lawyer, a member of our will contest law firm can provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions. Understanding your legal options is a sound strategy for resolving issues involving a will and potential inheritances.

Common Reasons for Contesting a Will

When one or more persons contest a will, it could be for any number of reasons.  Some of the most common include the following:

  • The deceased was not of sound mind when they wrote their will.
  • The submitted will is not a valid will. For example, they may claim that this will is a forgery.
  • The submitted will is not the final will. For instance, they may claim there is another will that has not yet been discovered. In the alternative, the final will might have been stolen or hidden.
  • Someone coerced the deceased into writing this particular will or an aspect of it. Perhaps someone pressured or blackmailed them to bequeath certain assets to someone undeserving.  Or, maybe they were tricked into writing the will in this particular way.

When Someone Else Contests the Will

If someone else claims the will is not valid for one reason or another, their actions could significantly affect you and others. If they have chosen to hire a lawyer from a Philadelphia, PA will contest law firm; it may be easy for you to be intimidated by claims made by the other party.

In Conclusion

It’s essential that you understand your legal rights, and from the perspective of someone who has your best interests in mind — your own will contest law firm Philadelphia, PA clients recommend. Call Klenk Law today to schedule a free consultation with a will lawyer. Our will contest lawyers can provide you with the guidance you need.

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