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Will Writing Lawyer Near Me – King of Prussia, PA

Will Writing Lawyer Near Me King of Prussia, PAIt’s only natural that you may be asking: Where can I find a will writing lawyer near me? In King of Prussia, PA, we know that if you have minor children, it’s important to appoint a legal guardian in your will should you pass away unexpectedly. You certainly want your kids to be taken care of after you’re gone. Because this person could potentially be responsible for your children in the future, it’s important to be selective. Klenk Law shares with you some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a guardian for your kids.

Failing to Think Long-Term

When deciding on a legal guardian for your children, it’s important to think long-term. A will writing lawyer near me, serving King of Prussia, Pennsylvania can help you take this task on. Even though your parents love your kids and would love to take care of them, are they healthy enough to do so? If they’re elderly with declining health, they may not be suitable to take care of your children long-term. It’s in your kids’ best interest to appoint a guardian who is younger and in good health.

Selecting Only One Guardian

Even if the guardian you want to appoint seems like the perfect fit, you should still try to name at least one alternate guardian. You never know if the original guardian you appoint will fall ill or can’t fulfill the responsibility anymore for whatever reason. You may be asking yourself, “Where can I find a will lawyer near me?” King of Prussia, PA professionals at Klenk Law can ensure that you have a backup plan. If you have at least one backup guardian, you can have a peace of mind that your children will be taken care of after you’re gone.

Not Providing Instructions on How to Raise Your Children

As a parent, you want your children to be raised a certain way and that’s perfectly understandable. That’s why it’s important to specify what school you want your children to attend, whether or not you want them to go to church and what you want them to eat. If you include your wishes in your will for the guardian, your kids will be raised like you intended. We know our clients are sorting through how best to locate a lawyer near them. Klenk Law serving King of Prussia, PA can help to protect your most valuable asset, your children.

Not Excluding Anyone

If there’s anyone in your family that you definitely don’t want taking care of your children, you need to name them in your will. For example, if one of your family members has an alcohol abuse problem and you don’t him or her looking after your kids, state that clearly in your will.

Failing to Leave Financial Resources

Finding a will writing lawyer near me in King of Prussia, PA can help you prepare for the future. It’s no secret that raising children is expensive. You don’t want the guardian you select to carry the financial burden of raising your kids. Make sure to have a financial plan in place for taking care of your kids.

If you’re ready to establish a will, consult with Klenk Law as soon as possible. We are will writing lawyers near you, serving King of Prussia, PA who can help you draft a valid will in a timely manner.

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Affable...yet surprisingly cerebral estate planning atty. High marks all the way around.

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Sharon S.

I contacted Peter through his website using the free consultation link for a question regarding a will. While I was expecting only a few minutes, it was a lengthy conversation. He made sure he understood the situation by asking many questions before offering advice. He then went through my options and results of each one. He left it up to me to decide if I wanted to proceed and did not push me toward one or another. His website has very useful information which I definitely researched before I called him. While I decided not to proceed at this time, I feel I had enough information to make that decision. I would not hesitate to hire him should I need to in the future.

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A Google User

Peter Klenk was great in leading us in the estate planning process.He was clear in describing the various steps and what they would accomplish. We were well satisfied and pleased that we had Peter to guide us.

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Sheldon P.

Everything about my experience was a 10+! Peter and his staff made what I thought would be a difficult process easy and understandable. Every detail was handled correctly. No other firm could possibly do better than Klenk Law!

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Chris Curcio

Fantastic customer service. Very personable and most importantly they provide great explanations of what is required based on your individual needs. Highly recommend Klenk Law for anyone that needs to create a will and estate documents.

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