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Avoid These Common Missteps When Creating a Will

Posted on Sun Dec 2, 2018, on Estate Planning

Thinking about creating a will is not the easiest task an individual must face during the course of a lifetime. Attempting to determine how you would like your property to be handled in the wake of your death is not exactly pleasant. However, doing so is necessary in order to ensure that your wishes are ultimately respected by your loved ones and by the courts. And thankfully, you do not have to approach the subject of estate planning alone. Our firm has extensive experience helping both individuals and married couples construct wills and broader estate plans. Our approach is efficient and respects the reality that you likely do not want to spend any more time dealing with drafting your will than you need to.

One of the primary benefits of working with our firm when constructing your will is that we can help you to avoid the common missteps that individuals and families tend to make during the estate planning process. Avoiding common mistakes when constructing a will helps to ensure that the process is not only efficient but effective. When wills are improperly drafted, they may not remain legally enforceable. Taking care to draft your will properly the first time around helps to ensure that it is treated as a legally sound document.

Thinking About the Whole Picture

Before meeting with us to draft your will, consider spending some time thinking about your assets, your potential beneficiaries and what you want to happen to your assets once you are gone. Think about any real estate you may possess, sentimental possessions, financial assets and your property generally. The will drafting process tends to progress more smoothly when some thought has been given to the “bigger picture” of a person’s ultimate wishes. Failure to adequately prepare may lead to important oversights.

Wills as Living Documents

One of the most common mistakes individuals make when drafting their wills is to assume that once these documents have been drafted, they are complete forever. Wills are meant to serve as living documents. As the circumstances of your life change, it is important to contact our firm so that we may update your will accordingly. As your family evolves, you may need to adjust the terms of your will to reflect that evolution. As your assets grow, your will should reflect that growth. It does not take much effort to keep your will up-to-date, but making sure that it is altered as your circumstances change helps to ensure that it remains relevant and enforceable.

Estate Planning Assistance Is Available

If you are interested in drafting a complete and enforceable will, please consider reaching out to our firm so that we may explain our approach to representation. Working with a lawyer will better help to ensure that you properly address all of your needs within the boundaries of your will. It will also help to ensure that your will is enforceable and that your wishes are ultimately respected by the court and your loved ones. Finally, working with an attorney will allow you to become better informed about any additional estate planning tools that may benefit you and your unique circumstances. Speaking with a member of our team does not obligate you to take any specific action, so please do not hesitate to connect with our firm today in order to obtain answers to any questions you may have.

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