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Trust Reformations

Though a trust might be an Irrevocable Trust, the facts and circumstances might allow for modification. A Trust Reformation refers to the process of making a change to an Irrevocable Trust.

Why Perform a Trust Reformation?

Irrevocable Trusts are excellent planning tools providing protection from taxes, creditors, and greedy son-in-laws. But, even the best planned Trust might run into unpredicted problems. Tax laws change, grandchildren move to unexpected locations, and the financial world evolves. Over time, making changes to an Irrevocable Trust might benefit the then-living beneficiaries.

Traditionally, making changes to an Irrevocable Trust was nearly impossible. But, the trend has been to make these changes easier. A Trust Reformation might require a court’s approval, but many states have adopted rules that allow certain Trust Reformations without court approval.

The rules surrounding Trust Reformation are evolving and changing if you have an Irrevocable Trust that would benefit from a change, bring it to us for a review. The change might be easier than you think.

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