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Maximizing Charitable Income Tax Deductions When Donating Art

Posted on Thu Sep 20, 2012, on Estate Planning

If you are an art collector interested in giving a piece of art to a charity, what factors should you consider in order to maximize your income tax deduction?

Short Answer: If a person as a collector contributes highly appreciated art purchased and held over one year to a qualified public charity and reports the contribution along with a supporting appraisal (if the art exceeds $5,000.00 in value) the person will avoid recognizing the built in capital gains, avoid paying inheritance and estate taxes and the person will be able to deduct the full fair market value of the donation as of the date of the contribution.

Long Answer: The Tax Code encourages the contribution of art to tax exempt organizations by allowing deductions against income for the gift. The size of the deduction will depend on several factors.

What is the Generation Skipping Tax? (Part I)

Posted on Tue Jul 17, 2012, on Estate Planning


This is the first of a series of Articles about the Generation Skipping Tax, one of the more complex taxes that most people will come up against and which is often overlooked in Estate Planning. The goal is to introduce the non-practitioner to the concepts of the Generation Skipping Tax so the planning options and techniques which we will explore together will make more sense. I find that some clients have avoided estate planning techniques which would save their families potentially millions of dollars, because they are uncomfortable with their understanding of the taxes being discussed. My hope is that after reading these articles my clients will have a working knowledge of the Generation Skipping Tax and, with as much enthusiasm a non-tax geek can have, embrace planning techniques that help reduce or even avoid the Generation Skipping Tax.

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