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Disinheriting Your Spouse – Pennsylvania Spousal Elective Share Overview

Posted on Thu Feb 26, 2015, on Estate Planning

Some people believe they can disinherit their spouse simply by cutting them out of their Will. Those people should think again. In Pennsylvania, as in many states including New Jersey and Florida, a widowed spouse has the right to take under the deceased’s Will, or if they deem that as insufficient, an elective spousal share estate determined by law.

Benefits of a QDOT for a Non-Citizen Spouse.

Posted on Wed Sep 19, 2012, on QDOT Trust

Any transfer of assets at death involves a variety of tax consequences, but estate planning for a married couple where one spouse is not a United States citizen involves unique taxation issues and planning. Couples who find themselves in this unique circumstance should consider the benefits of an estate plan that includes a Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT).

In 2012, the federal estate tax provides a credit of $5,120,000, meaning that the first $5,120,000 of any estate not diminished by taxable lifetime gifts will pass free of the federal estate tax.¹ This exemption is scheduled to fall to $1,00,000.00 in 2013². Further, Section 2056 of the Internal Revenue Code contains the “marital deduction,” which provides that any property left to a surviving spouse following a decedent’s death is not taxed until the surviving spouse’s death. These provisions give married couples options for deferring estate tax payments until after the surviving spouse’s death.

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