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Traits and Skills of a Successful Paralegal

Posted on Sat Oct 24, 2020, on Probate and Estate Administration

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Successful paralegals share many common traits and skills that not only drew them to the profession but also aid in their success. In general, the Traits and Skills of a Successful Paralegal:

  • Are extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Enjoy problem-solving and digging into complex issues
  • Work well independently with minimal direction
  • Have excellent communication skills, and the ability to “know their audience,” be it judges, attorneys, other paralegals, clients, insurance representatives, or law enforcement personnel
  • Possess superior writing skills and the ability to draft correspondence, legal documents, memorandums, and various legal forms 
  • Have a good understanding of legal terminology and the process of conducting legal research
  • Are accomplished in the use of technology applications that are common in law offices, including Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint, litigation support software, and manual and electronic legal research technology
  • Are good listeners who have the ability to take orders and follow directions
  • Enjoy working with the public and have patience with clients who have continual questions about their case
  • Don’t mind working with relatively large amounts of paperwork on a continual basis
  • Understand the necessity of maintaining confidentiality
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Usually have a “thick skin” when it comes to abrupt, short-tempered clients and co-workers under pressure with looming deadlines
  • Are able to anticipate an attorney’s needs and have the ability to solve problems without direct supervision
  • Usually have to perform a certain amount of clerical work along with the substantive legal duties that they find to be more challenging
  • Possess an ability to work well under pressure
  • Are willing to put in overtime, especially when preparing for a trial
  • Have a high level of reading comprehension, and the ability to extract the major points out of their reading quickly and accurately
  • Are seasoned multi-taskers who are capable of doing several things at once
  • Have great analytical ability
  • Are able to “go with the flow” and change their direction and priorities on a moment’s notice
  • Don’t need a great deal of encouragement or positive reinforcement to know that they are doing a good job
  • Are extremely precise, neat and careful, and don’t mind working for someone who is

Traits and Skills of a Successful Paralegal

Backgrounds that may be helpful to a paralegal include business, English, journalism, medical, statistics, economics, real estate, technology, and communications. Employers and recruiters look for paralegals with high academics, strong work or internship experience, and above all, an enthusiasm for law. Paralegal candidates with motivation and initiative and a good attitude are essential to the legal workforce. A good lawyer, like a business lawyer in Montana from Silverman Law Office, PLLC, will appreciate a hardworking paralegal at their practice. 


Estate Lawyer

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Peter has done our family's trust and estate work since our children were born. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and honest but makes sure that our arrangements remain current with the changing legal landscape. I would give him my highest recommendation as a professional in his field.

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Joe Peters

Always professional and very responsive. Everyone on the staff that I have worked with. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

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Sharon S.

I contacted Peter through his website using the free consultation link for a question regarding a will. While I was expecting only a few minutes, it was a lengthy conversation. He made sure he understood the situation by asking many questions before offering advice. He then went through my options and results of each one. He left it up to me to decide if I wanted to proceed and did not push me toward one or another. His website has very useful information which I definitely researched before I called him. While I decided not to proceed at this time, I feel I had enough information to make that decision. I would not hesitate to hire him should I need to in the future.

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Ellen G.

I have had Peter Klenk prepare and revise my will. Always professional, knowledgeable and offers great advice. Highly recommend

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Sharon A.

We recently used Peter's firm to update our wills and trusts. We found he and his staff to be well-informed, professional and highly efficient. And equally valuable, Peter explains the law in terms that a layperson can readily understand.

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