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Estate Litigation Appeals Lawyer Montgomery County, PA

Estate Litigation Appeals Lawyer Montgomery County, PAIf your family member has passed away and left behind an estate, you may wonder if you need to hire an estate litigation appeals lawyer Montgomery County, PA residents trust. In some cases, it may be necessary. In others, it may not be. 

Here are a few situations when you should consult a lawyer.

You Want to Contest the Will

If you have reason to believe that your family member’s will is not legal, you can contest it in court with the help of a lawyer. For example, you likely want to challenge the will if you don’t think your loved one didn’t have the right mental capacity when the will was created. It may also be necessary to contest the will if you think your family member was influenced by another person when writing the will.

Another reason why you may want to challenge the will is if you don’t think you are getting your fair share. For example, if your parent passed away and your other siblings are getting much more than you, it may be time to get a lawyer involved.

The Deceased Had Two Families

Disputes may arise when the deceased left behind two families. Generally, prenup agreements would clearly define how the assets of the partners should be allocated. However, if this is unclear in the documents, you may need to hire an estate litigation appeals lawyer in Montgomery County, PA to help divide the assets between the two spouses and children from both marriages.

There Are Issues With a Trust

If you’re the beneficiary of a trust, it may be necessary to seek litigation in certain circumstances. For instance, if you believe that the terms of the trust are worded incorrectly or the trust no longer can fulfill its purpose, you may want the court to amend them. It is also best to seek legal assistance if you think that trustees or fiduciaries acted against the duties assigned to them.

Schedule a Meeting With a Lawyer

If complexities have arisen in your family member’s estate, you should consider speaking to an estate litigation lawyer about it. He or she will assess your case and advise you on the best way to proceed. Your lawyer will protect your best interests and give you peace of mind. Schedule a consultation with Klenk Law an estate litigation appeals lawyer in Montgomery County, PA.

Top 7 Estate Litigation Appeals

  1. Estate surcharges dispute
  2. Trusts and Wills Contest
  3. Rights of a surviving spouse
  4. Will interpretation Dispute
  5. Estate account Dispute
  6. Family dispute litigation
  7. Removal of fiduciaries Litigation

Top 7 Estate Litigation Appeals

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