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Will Writing Lawyer Near Me (Philadelphia PA)

Will Writing Lawyer Near Me (Philadelphia PA)If you are wondering, “is there a will writing lawyer near me (Philadelphia, PA)?” then you have come to the right place. At Klenk Law, we understand that thinking about your own mortality is not something anyone likes to do. But it’s important so you don’t leave your loved ones with a mess after you’re gone.

Knowing what documents you need and what goes into each document is confusing. That’s why the trusted team at Klenk Law is here to help. Don’t worry any longer about typing in searches for “will writing lawyer near me” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Instead, call our office now. 

What is a will?

We know that when people want to find a Philadelphia, PA “will writing lawyer near me,” many people have a question regarding what a will is. In fact, many people are referring to a will when they say they want an estate plan. But what is a will?

A last will and testament is a legal document which allows you the power to say who receives assets upon your death. It also allows you the opportunity to discuss how any liabilities are dealt with after your death.

This document gives you great control over how your personal items are distributed after you’re gone. For example, if your son enjoys your coin collection or your daughter enjoys your collection of crystals, you can leave those items specifically to them.

But it’s also important that you include the full names of the people to whom you want to leave specific items. Simply saying that you want to leave an item to your daughter may not be sufficient.

Why is it important?

A will isn’t the only part of an estate plan. But it is the document most people think of when they think about their estate plan. Why is this? Because it’s where you make a determination of what assets and possessions go to what heirs.

Making a mistake in a will could mean that your heirs don’t receive the items you wanted them to receive. It could even mean an heir you intended to leave items to doesn’t get any. While your love and affection for your heirs isn’t specifically tied to what items you leave them, it is a great way for you to show certain heirs how much they meant to you. Plus it gives the heirs an item to remind them of you.

A will requires extreme attention to detail for this exact reason. If you misname someone or you forget someone, it could result in disaster.

A trusted and keen eye

What you need to avoid disaster is a trusted and keen eye. Visiting Klenk Law will give you the guidance you need to ensure your loved ones don’t inherit a mess but instead inherit items that bring fond memories of your cherished time together. This is done through attention to detail and strict adherence to state laws. If your will isn’t drafted according to specific state laws, your will could be invalidated which means the court may end up deciding who gets what items regardless of what you wanted. This situation can easily be avoided by speaking with a trusted estate planning lawyer today.

Will Writing Lawyer Near MeSpeak with an Estate Planning Lawyer About Creating Your Will

When you want to create a will, you might not know the best place to start. Can you use online tools to create a will? Should you speak with an attorney? There are many questions you may have when it comes to creating a will, but rest assured that you don’t need to Google “will writing lawyer near me” only to find an attorney that may or may not have the experience to help you craft a will that meets your needs. If you live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, know that the experienced legal team at Klenk Law is available to help answer your questions and create the kind of will you and your loved ones will benefit from uniquely. It is important to make sure your assets are protected when you pass away and that your loved ones are taken care of and a will can do just that. Instead of searching blindly for a “will writing lawyer near me,” connect with our experienced firm so that you can feel confident that no detail will be left out of your will and that it will reflect exactly what you want and need. 

How does a will become legal?

This is a question we get asked often, as many people want to know what makes a will legal. Does there need to be a certain signature? Does there need to be legal jargon? Here are the basics of what makes a will legal:

  • The person creating it must be of sound mind. If they are not, the will cannot go into effect and it will not stand up in court if someone contests it. 
  • The testator must sign and date the will.
  • There must be two witnesses. Depending on your state, the people who sign your will as witnesses cannot inherit anything in the will.

What about a holographic will?

In certain states, a testator may hand write and sign their own will. This means that in certain states–like New York–the testator may not need two witnesses to sign their will. Holographic wills do not hold up in every state and even in states where they are legal they will only be valid under certain circumstances, so it is important to speak with a lawyer if you want to know if that is the right option for you. 

I don’t have much money or property. Do I still need to make a will? 

No one is required to make a will. Even if you do not own a lot of property you may still wish to consult a “will writing lawyer near me,” however, in order to create a plan for your sentimental property and other assets. When you create a will, you are ensuring your opinions and wants are heard after you pass away. 

Instead of searching blindly for a “will writing lawyer near me,” consider scheduling a risk-free consultation with our experienced team today. You can ensure that your questions are answered and you have access to the estate planning support you need moving forward. We look forward to speaking with you. 

Considering Additional Estate Planning Steps

No one knows what the future holds. It is better to be prepared for the future than to react as it comes. But should a person with little or no assets create an estate plan? Absolutely. There are many reasons why it’s smart to develop an asset protection plan before you need it. You can begin this process by researching “will writing lawyer near me” and going from there. 

Who can create an estate plan?

In the United States, anyone over the age of 18 can create an estate plan. At the core of estate planning is the legal resource commonly known as a will. When you don’t have a will, upon your death, the state will determine what happens to your assets. Even with a simple will, you can have some control over where your assets go after you die. Proper preparation is key. Working with a “will writing lawyer near me” can help you to set the foundation for ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. At present, you may own little in the way of financially valuable property, but the chances are that you want your sentimental property distributed in a certain way. Working with the legal team at Klenk Law can get this process started in earnest. 

Asset Protection Starts Young

You can plan in your will to have all of your assets divided between certain named people. While you should name the individuals, you don’t necessarily have to name all of your assets. We recommend that after someone creates a will, they continue to revise it as they get older and their life circumstances change. However, in the worst of circumstances, if you drafted a will in this manner and never touched it again, it would allow your wishes and desires to be followed.

As you build your life and acquire more assets, you leave yourself and your assets open to liability without a will. A Will helps ensure proper asset protection. Working with a “will writing lawyer near me” will allow you to benefit from experienced guidance close to home as often as you need it. 

Review. Then Review. Then again, Review.

While starting asset protection by creating a will at a young age is great, that’s only half the battle. After creating the initial bones of the estate plan, it’s up to you to review your plans during all life changes. 

Marriage. Divorce. Children. Home purchase. Substantial Raise. Moving to a new state. All of these life events require a review and possible revision of your asset protection plan. You may not need to make any changes, but you won’t know unless you take the time to review. With that said, you don’t have to manage this review process alone. A “will writing lawyer near me” can assist you any time your estate plan needs to be revised.

Find the Right Will Writing Lawyer Near You (Philadelphia, PA) Today! 

Drafting a will is an important step to take and you shouldn’t try to handle it alone. You deserve the skilled and trusted advice of our estate planning attorneys who can make sure your heirs receive the items you want them to receive to keep your memory alive. To find the answer to “is there a will writing lawyer near me (Philadelphia, PA)?” you should contact Klenk Law now! 

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