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Will Challenges Law Firm in Cherry Hill, NJWill Challenges Law Firm Cherry Hill, NJ

If you or another family member wishes to contest a will, we offer a free consultation at our Will Challenges Law Firm in Cherry Hill, NJ to discuss your case. Klenk Law has the resources and experience necessary to provide aggressive legal representation in litigation involving a contested will. 

There are several common reasons for contesting a will, but it requires the assistance of a seasoned lawyer at our NJ Will Challenges Law Firm to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Call us today to request a free case review to determine if you have legally sufficient grounds to move forward.

These are some of the most common reasons why someone may contest a decedent’s will:

  1. Legally Executed:

      • The will was not signed in a way that is legally recognized as acceptable according to the laws of New Jersey. For a will to be considered valid, it must be signed by the will’s creator, known as the testator. Further, the Will must be signed in the presence of at least two adult witnesses. The witnesses must be present in the same location as the testator. Also, their signatures must be included in the will. If a will is created at our NJ Will Challenges Law Firm in Cherry Hill, a member of our legal team can make certain that all of these requirements are met. Did the person write their own will, or use an online do-it-yourself will kit? This increases the odds of mistakes.

  2. Sound Mind:

    • The testator was not of sound mind when they signed the will. In legal terms, when the testator did not understand the legal consequences of creating and signing their will, it is said they lacked “testamentary capacity.” To successfully challenge a Will we must prove the testator lacked testamentary capacity.  The evidence may hinge on witness testimony. A lawyer at our Will Challenges Law Firm in NJ can determine what criteria must be met in your case to prove that the testator was not of sound mind. Without sufficient proof, you will not be able to contest the will on these grounds.

  3. Undue Influence:

    • The testator was under the influence or pressure of another person.  Therefore, the will does not reflect their true final wishes. Because they did not have free will at the time of writing it. To prove this was the case, you will have to prove that the influencer did more than verbally accost them. It may require that you prove a history and pattern of extreme influence. This might include how the influencer isolated the testator from friends and family. Perhaps the influencer paid for the will as well. The will must also reflect that the influencer greatly benefited from the will.

Call Us for a Free Consultation

We encourage you to reach out to us immediately at our will challenges law firm in Philadelphia, PA regarding a will contest. After a brief review of your circumstances, you may gain a greater understanding of whether or not you have a basis for contesting the will. Our team is available for a free initial consultation—so give us a call today. If you are thinking about contesting a will because you feel that you or the testator was wronged, contact us at our Cherry Hill Challenges Law Firm in New Jersey at Klenk Law without hesitation. 

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Peter was excellent. He explained everything very clearly and is super friendly. My wife and I originally tried using a lawyer through group legal coverage, but unfortunately the old adage - "you get what you pay for" - applied to the other lawyer, and we decided to go with a real professional.

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