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Probate Law Firm Allentown, PA Probate Law Firm Allentown, PA

Klenk Law, a probate law firm Allentown, PA recommends shares that if there is a will, the probate process will likely be easier than if there is not a will. In the later scenario, when no will exists, the estate will go into intestate succession and must be probated based upon the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. All final decisions are made by a judge. Typically, the closest living relatives will inherit the estate.

When A Will Exists

When a will exists, beneficiaries must go through the probate process. This will begin with filing the will at the courthouse nearest to the decedent’s last residence. The sooner you retain a probate law firm Allentown, PA relies on, the better. It might also be a good idea to ask Klenk Law to review the will to ensure it is valid, legally binding, and no obvious fraud was committed. 

What if there is a Will Contest?

It is not uncommon for a will to be challenged. This is frequent when beneficiaries or un-named individuals believe the decedent wrongfully distributed their assets. If a will challenge should occur, the probate process may last for several months or years. It is generally necessary to have a probate law firm Allentown, PA trusts on your side for any kind of estate-related disputes. 

If a will is found to be invalid, the process will be practically the same as if there was no will. However, it’s possible for the process to drag on for a long period of time. 

When a Dispute Occurs

If you are a beneficiary or heir and would like to challenge the will, or are seeking to challenge a dispute that has been brought forward by another party, a probate law firm Allentown, PA turns to will be needed. At Klenk Law, we have successfully resolved a large number of will challenges including those that were the result of:

  1. Undue influence
  2. Lack of capacity
  3. Invalid execution
  4. Multiple copies of a will existed
  5. Forgery
  6. Fraud

Although challenging a will is the most common type of dispute that can arise in the probate process, other disputes might occur.  Sometimes beneficiaries are unsatisfied with the executor or the will’s interpretation. 

Is it Possible to Speed Up the Probate Process?

Probate is supposed to be easy, but this is generally not the case especially without a probate law firm Allentown, PA knows by your side. When the distribution of an estate is being overseen by an inexperienced executor, the estate is very large, or there are arguments about the will and it’s assets, the entire process can be slowed down. As a Probate Attorney Allentown, PA depend on might tell you, there is no formula to speed the process up, but having a legal representative on your side, could prevent errors and unnecessary delays. 

Let Klenk Law Help You

Our probate law firm Allentown, PA respects is well versed in estate law, and have been handling probate-related issues for many years. When you work with us, we can help with a broad range of matters, including:

  1. Filing the will at the applicable court
  2. Prepare and file a petition for probate
  3. Explain to the executor what is expected of them
  4. Help to identify and notify creditors
  5. Pay off debts
  6. Determine what, if any, taxes are owed and pay them off
  7. Gather and evaluate all assets
  8. Safeguard assets until the probate is completed
  9. Distribute assets to the named heir
  10. Represent clients who are contesting a will
  11. Represent clients who are being faced with a will contest
  12. Close the estate

If you need assistance and are ready to talk with a probate law firm Allentown, PA residents are in need of, call Klenk Law for help with the probate process or another estate-related matter. 

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