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Facing Estate Litigation
Losing a loved one is a natural process that no person wants to experience. When it comes to the will, you may have concerns over how it may have been executed. There are a number of reasons to contest a will. Naturally, you will have a variety of questions regarding the process for doing so. Disputing the will of a loved one can be complicated, often resulting in tensions amongst family. At times, this can be a recipe for an increased level of stress and conflict during a time when you are most likely grieving your loss. An estate litigation attorney in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has the ability to provide answers to your questions during this trying time.

Who has the ability to contest a will?

In order to contest a will, a person must have an interest in being able to do so. This means the person coming forward must be someone who stands to be affected directly by the validation of the will in probate. Examples of those who may have the ability to contest a will can include:

  • Spouses

  • Children

  • People named in a prior will

If beneficiaries believe that they received an unfair share, or, were left out of the will altogether, they may have the ability to contest the will. However, it will be important to consult with a Cherry Hill, NJ estate litigation lawyer prior to moving forward to determine your standing.

What is required to contest a will?

During the probate process, there is a window of time in which you may have the ability to come forward to contest the will. One of the first steps to probate is the process where the will is officially validated by the court. In order for a will to be contested, one or more of the following elements must be present:

  • Improper execution of the will

  • The person was not of sound mind

  • Undue influence or fraud

  • The person was under the influence

Disputing a will is often an atypical experience. Because of this, moving forward with the process may require the help of an estate litigation attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ

Can an estate litigation attorney help me with this process?

Contesting a will can be a complicated process that will most likely require the assistance of an attorney. Working with an estate litigation attorney can provide you with the guidance needed to determine if you have grounds to move forward with contesting a will through the probate process. While you may have reasons for wanting to contest a will, it’s important key variables are present in order to do so. Prior to moving forward, it’s important to carefully consider the ramifications. It’s not uncommon for emotions to run high. However, there may be grounds to move forward with this process. Obtaining legal representation can help you in managing this process in the best way possible.

There are a variety of reasons a family member may choose to contest a will during the probate process. Some of them may be incredibly valid. However, it’s important to first consider the consultation of an estate litigation attorney Cherry Hill, NJ clients recommend to determine if you have the ability to move forward with this process.   

Facing Estate Litigation

It is not uncommon for families to disagree on how to divide a loved one’s estate.  Each Klenk Law estate litigation attorney Cherry Hill, NJ residents, rely on understands these conflicts. Even when a decedent prepares a valid will or living trust, a will contest or other estate dispute may occur. If you are dealing with an estate issue, contact a Cherry Hill, NJ estate litigation lawyer at Klenk Law. We have been advocating for clients in probate disputes for more than 25 years and can assist you with whatever legal issues you may be having.

Estate Litigation

When a person dies, her assets and property usually go through the probate process. If there is no will, then a New Jersey resident’s estate is divided and settled under the New Jersey intestacy rules. If there is a will, then assets are distributed by the decedent’s wishes.

Having a will is no guarantee that the heirs and other beneficiaries will agree on the instructions left in the will. When this happens, it usually becomes necessary for estate litigation. Reasons why estate litigation may occur include:

  •       The decedent lacked testamentary capacity;

  •       There was undue influence by another party when the will was signed;

  •       There is more than one will;

  •       The will contains amendments that are legally ineffective or improper; or

  •       Allegations of wrongdoing on the part of the executor.

Even in situations where the decedent had a living trust set up, there can also be legal issues. Reasons why you may need an estate litigation attorney Cherry Hill, NJ families recommend for trust estate litigation include the following:

  •       Trust documents that are invalid or incorrectly drafted;

  •       Mismanaged or misappropriated trust assets;

  •       Tax issues;

  •       Improprieties or mistakes in the disbursement of funds from the trusts; and

  •       The non-disclosure of investment actions or other financial information regarding trust funds.

In addition to contesting wills and trusts, other probate law issues that may arise that will require the assistance of an estate litigation attorney Cherry Hill, NJ locals depend:

  •     The division of a family business or business interests;

  •     The ownership and value of real estate property, personal property, and accounts held at financial institutions;

  •     Disputes over the division of an estate when there are blended family or former spouse issues;

  •     The improper administration of the decedent’s trusts, wills, or other financial resources. Attempting to litigate these complicated legal issues without the representation of a qualified estate litigation attorney can result in the loss of being awarded the inheritance that your loved one wanted you to have.

Attempting to litigate these complicated legal issues without the representation of a qualified estate litigation attorney can result in the loss of being awarded the inheritance that your loved one wanted you to have.

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If you have lost a loved one and suspect there was inappropriate or invalid activity before your family member died which should negate any wills, trusts, or other estate documents, you should discuss the situation with a skilled estate litigation attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ. The legal team from Klenk Law will use all available resources to ensure that you get the best possible outcome under the circumstances of your case.

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Still Unsure if you should contact an Estate Litigation Attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Estate planning might be complicated, but when it comes to estate litigation, any number of complications can arise; this is one of the many reasons why it is important to speak with a Cherry Hill, NJ estate litigation attorney if a dispute has arisen or is threatening to arise. When a person dies, whether they have left a will or trust, or nothing at all, family disputes are certainly possible. If one should arise, a highly contested probate process or estate litigation could ensue. In such situations, benefiting from the guidance of an experienced Cherry Hill, NJ estate litigation attorney can be an invaluable experience. 

When a dispute does arise, it is advisable to consult the legal team at Klenk Law for help and advice. Whether you are an heir, beneficiary, executor, or administrator,  if you are dealing with a dispute, please schedule a consultation with a Cherry Hill, NJ estate litigation attorney as soon as you have need of guidance and support. 

Litigation Matters We Handle

We have decades of experience in handling estate litigation matters including:

  • Will Contest
  • Undue Influence
  • Supervised Probate
  • Asset Valuation
  • Asset Sales and Distribution 
  • Disputes Involving Charitable Grants or Trusts
  • Hidden or Missing Assets
  • Theft of Assets
  • Poor Accounting of Assets
  • Missing Money
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Dispute Involving a Business Named in An Estate

Additional Litigation Services

In addition to the common estate litigation issues above, we can also help you with:

  • Kinship Proceedings
  • Guardianship Disputes
  • Power of Attorney Disputes
  • Surviving Spouse’s Right of Election
  • Dispute About the Interpretation of a Will
  • Removal of an Executor or Person With Fiduciary Duties

Will Contests

One of the most common types of estate litigation cases we handle is a will or trust contest. Typically the testamentary documents are the keystone of the estate that has been left behind. If there is any uncertainty about the validity of estate planning documents, a beneficiary may proceed to take action. It is also possible for a person who is not named in the estate, to take litigation action if they believe they should have been named. Whether a person is seeking to safeguard the integrity of the estate, or challenge what has been left, this is a sensitive subject matter that should be overseen by a seasoned Cherry Hill, NJ estate litigation attorney. 

Reasons to Challenge a Will

  • Lack of testamentary capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Invalid execution of a will
  • Forged will 
  • Fraudulence
  • There are multiple wills

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If you are invested in matters involving an estate and you believe the estate is vulnerable or jeopardized, you’re not getting your fair share, or you’re being accused of mishandling the estate, it is advisable to have a Cherry Hill, New Jersey estate litigation attorney help you with your situation as soon as possible. Don’t wait. Protect your rights and options by calling today. We look forward to speaking with you. 


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